You can now download the new PES for free (now called eFootball 2022)

Download PES for free?

Before you get excited, it must be made clear that this Konami football installment is the strangest edition we have seen in recent years. And it is that leaving aside that it is a completely free game, eFootball 2022 feels like an unfinished PES edition, lacking in detail and very focused on quick matches and monetization. The launch rush is such that in the coming months it will receive a major update to include more game modes.

First impressions are not being very appreciative, placing the installment as one of the worst versions ever released by Konami. And if in previous years the company had shown that the lack of licenses could not prevent launching an excellent game, this year it feels like the version of two years ago that has been given a new name.

Bugs, bugs and a lot of disappointment

eFootball Konami

To top it off, the game is leaving some pretty disappointing moments, as on social media users are sharing some embarrassing moments related to the game’s animations and AI. Konami has released a report confirming the errors, highlighting some such as missing players or a bug that floats kits during pre-match animations.

efootball 2022

They have also confirmed the presence of errors that directly affect the gameplay, such as the physical defense, which seems to fail when we modify the default button configuration.

Too few teams to play

efootball 2022

One of the main problems with eFootball 2022 is that it only has 9 teams available to play in the friendly mode, so forget about playing with the PSG trident, or wearing the Real Madrid white (or should we say Madrid Chamartín B?) When playing with friends. The only option will be to play the Events mode, where there is currently a challenge with which to choose from a large number of teams from around the world (without licenses, of course).


As they shared a few weeks ago, the game will receive free updates with which to expand the game’s options, such as the possibility of creating friendly matches with any team included in the game or, more importantly, the arrival of the new one. graphics engine to the game.

Where can it be downloaded?

To get eFootball 2022 completely free, you will only have to download the game in the corresponding stores depending on the platform you play on. We leave you the download links for the different consoles and platforms so that you can start the download immediately.

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