You can now install Android TV applications from your phone

At the last Google I / O event, Google announced that we will now be able to install apps in our wearables with Wear OS from an Android phone. This feature, which makes the management of applications for this class of devices much more comfortable, it seems that it is finally going to reach televisions as well.

How to install Android TV applications from your mobile

At the moment, it is a feature in testing, which only a few users, like the one who discovered it (Reddit user avigi) already have on their Android phones. However, hopefully it won’t take too long to spread to everyone.

This will greatly facilitate the management of applications on our smart TV and, above all, it avoids the hassle of doing it with the TV remote and the web version of the Play Store, which is not always the fastest and finest way. .

To install Android TV applications on the mobile, it seems that we will not have to do anything special. We simply go to the Google Play store and navigate to the app that we want.

Once there, we can see an arrow to the right of the green “Install” button, as you can see in the image below.

Install Android TV from the phone

Yes We display said arrow, it will give us the option to install it on the devices that we have configured with our Google account and, with this new feature, our television with Android TV will also finally appear.

Obviously, we can only do it when the application we want is compatible and available for Android TV. At the moment, nothing to be able to install the Call of duty natively on the TV in the living room.

That also includes the Chromecast with which we have made televisions that were not standard intelligent, since they also use, obviously, a version of Android.

Those who have several devices with this operating system, would already know this option. Until now, if for example we had a tablet, and a couple of mobiles, we could install applications on one device from others and manage everything centrally from a single site.

With this new update, in addition to including the wearables, finally we can also do it with our televisions.

When will this feature be available to all Android users?

Unfortunately, no one knows yet, but we will inform you of everything as soon as it is.

Google has not made any official statement about it, nor did it mention it in passing in the I / O, it is something that a few privileged Android users have discovered who, for now, avoid the process of browsing television with the remote control and can install from mobile.

However, hopefully, over the next few weeks, it will start to reach everyone, or at least Google will say something officially about the dates.

So now you know, if you have an Android TV, you will soon be able to install applications to it from your phone.

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