You can now install DDR4 RAM on boards with DDR5, how?

With no plentiful DDR5 stock, with the few units and kits priced sky high, ingenuity has to prevail if you want the best without being able to buy it as such. Having a Z690 board is not too complicated these days, although the faster memory for it is, but what if we could install DDR4 in its slots? Said and done, well, at least it is in the process of doing so, because ASUS has seen how they filtered an adapter for this purpose.

ASUS DDR5 to DDR4, why wasn’t it released earlier?

Well, we suppose that the great comparative offense between DDR4 and DDR5 was precisely that, its higher overall performance and launching something like that in principle could be a mistake that memory manufacturers could not tolerate.

The prophecies were fulfilled and now it is the plate manufacturers who are upset by the null availability, so since the situation is not going to change for a few months, the ingenuity pays off. What we have on screen is nothing more than a prototype in revision 1.0, although it is perfectly functional and in fact you can see it in the demonstration video.

This adapter has a high vertical size that makes it impossible to install it with certain heatsinks, but this is only a review that tries to achieve what nobody has done by taking advantage of the Core 12 double BMI. The height is set by the power system on its own PCB that manages the delivery of power from the slot to the DDR4, since DDR5 not only uses less voltage, but its management system is regulated in the same module with a PMIC.

Possible problems with the BIOS

Logically this is an ASUS ROG accessory that in principle should only arrive for said brand name plates. Not because it is not compatible with all the others of its competition, since the slot is the same for all, but because apparently it has to be supported by the motherboard and its BIOS.

This would exclude it from the rest, making a very interesting difference at the moment for the user who does not know which plate model to buy. Also and if we look closely, the PCB has four holes enabled where, presumably, a 4-pin molex or SATAAlthough it should not be seen finally in the model that is launched on the market, it is interesting that ASUS has already thought about this for the prototype.

Logically there is not even confirmation that this is going to be launched in stores, nor if it will arrive with certain models of motherboards, if it can be bought alone, there is nothing about it. We’ll see if they reveal something else at CES 2022.

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