You can now install the ATRESplayer app on your Apple TV

The Atresmedia group has just launched its application ATRESplayer for Apple TV devices. That means that from now on we can see the content of said group of Spanish channels (Antena 3, La Sexta, Neox, Nova, Mega and Atreseries) on our Apple TV devices.

Definitely great news. Little by little, Apple is allowing most streaming video platforms to be viewed on its Apple TV device. Taking into account that they are direct competition with your Apple TV +It is appreciated (how could it be otherwise) that you let your users freely choose which platform to view.

If you are subscribed to any channel of the group AtresmediaYou must already know the ATRESplayer application that has been available for iOS and iPadOS for a long time. Well now it is also available for Apple TV devices.

It may not matter much to you if you already have it installed on the Smart TV where you have the Apple TV connected. But there are many users, (as is my case) that we use the Apple device on televisions that are not supported with some current applications, and there you will enjoy this novelty.

ATRESplayer on Apple TV

So from now on on your Apple TV you can already enjoy the content of this business group, which includes the Spanish TV channels of Antenna 3, The sixth, Neox, Nova, Mega and the Atreseries series. Great news, without a doubt.

To enjoy the application of the television group, it is not essential that you are subscribed to ATRESplayer Premium, since the platform lets you see a lot of content for free. Obviously, if you want to have access to all their offer, you will have to subscribe to their platform.

If we add this news to that of a few days ago, where we explained that Amazon Prime Video had launched its application for macOS, we finished the week with two new video platforms that we can see directly on our Apple devices. On the one hand ATRESplayer on Apple TV, and on the other Amazon Prime Video on our Macs. Bravo.

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