You can now monetize your podcasts thanks to Megaphone, from Spotify

Spotify just launch in Spain Megaphone. The company that is an expert in streaming audio worldwide has decided to bet in our country on one of the platforms that offers the most tools to podcasters to create quality content. The objective is monetize podcasts and measure the impact.

Since 2015, Megaphone has been one of the main podcasting platforms for the largest publishers of this product in the world, and today, the company has hosted more than 30% of the 200 most popular podcasts on Spotify.

The arrival of Megaphone in Spain coincides with the increase in podcast consumption and the forecast of an increase in advertising investments in this type of content. Podcast listening in Europe (in countries such as Spain, Germany, Italy and France) already reaches 30% of the internet population, and in Spain, according to Spotify’s report on podcast consumption habits in 2021, 51% of people already listen to them and 33% are loyal to the format, listening to them quite frequently. Regarding future advertising investments in this format, they are expected to grow more than 50% in Europe and exceed 200 million euros in 2023.

Innovative tools

Now, with Megaphone, Spotify gives podcast creators in Spain the ability to access innovative tools to generate more revenue and monetize their content while maintaining full control over their direct sales.

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Some of the monetization options offered by the platform are: live ad readings by podcast presenters or opt for Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI).

In addition, publishers can precisely plan their inventory, individually manage advertiser campaigns and analyze their subsequent performance once published. Thanks to these functionalities, the monthly production of podcast episodes has increased by more than 15% on average in markets where it is already available.

Regardless of the form of monetization chosen by podcast creators, the goal is for them to have all the necessary tools to get the most out of their content.

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