You can now play Xbox Series X games on your old Xbox One

At Microsoft they continue to demonstrate the power of their cloud, and the latest innovation related to the Xbox Cloud Gaming service is another turn in favor of users, since they will allow them to enjoy a series of functions that do nothing more than improve the user experience around your console. Do you want to know exactly what you are going to be able to do with all this? Well, keep reading that we tell you.

Imagine being able to play before downloading it

Until now, Microsoft’s cloud service was limited to browsers and portable devicesHowever, the Redmond people thought that bringing the service to their consoles would be a tremendous idea. And reason was not lacking. By offering access to xCloud from the consoles, users will be able to play games immediately, which would mean that they would be able to test a title without downloading it.

This is especially useful when you don’t have enough storage space to be downloading a lot of games. In this way you could try those that are interesting to you, and later download them locally if you finally want to have them installed in your personal library.

New games on your old console

xCloud browser

But if there is something that will especially attract your attention, it is being able to play exclusive games of the new generation consoles on your old console. To give you an example, games like The Medium (until now exclusive to Series X | S) can now be played on an Xbox One thanks to this feature, and soon the fantastic Microsoft Flight Simulator, which will allow you to enjoy the spectacular simulator on the previous generation platform. Amazing.

Taking into account the difficulty of getting an Xbox Series X in stock (and its high price), this proposal

4K graphics

Microsoft Flight Simulator

But the benefits could be many, many more. An Xbox One X could perform 4K resolution streaming, so it would be able to show next-generation and highly demanding games at a resolution unthinkable for a console of its level.

This is neither more nor less than the photograph that Microsoft has been designing for several years, where Xbox Game Pass Ultimate serves as a key to a complete gaming experience in all aspects (remember that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is necessary to access Xbox Cloud Gaming).

With this approach, Microsoft does not close the door to users of other platforms, since they could enjoy its catalog thanks to the cloud service. Now it only remains that this access continues to be available on many more platforms, and everything indicates that Smart TV will be the next to savor the benefits of Xbox. The question is when, and for that we will have to keep waiting patiently until it happens.

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