You can now post on Instagram from the web without weird tricks

Publishing from the Instagram website is now possible and official

Maybe not for you, but for many other users the possibility of being able to post to Instagram directly from the web it was something they wanted with all their might. And beware, without having to resort to tricks such as changing the user agent, to choose and make the platform believe that you are accessing from a mobile device instead of from your computer with its desktop operating system Windows, macOS or Linux.

Well, after we learned that the social network had finally started working on this demanded feature and that some users were already testing it, it is now that it seems that without saying anything, completely silently, Instagram decided to activate this option for everyone users. Or almost, because its activation is apparently taking place in a staggered manner. So you may access the web and do not see the option, but it will appear.

However, although in theory it should be worth having a desktop browser, no mobile versions such as those used on the iPhone or Android devices, there is a device that despite already having a full browser will not be able to use this function for the moment.

If he iPad It is the device that despite having a version of Safari that is identical to that of the Mac can not post on the network. Why is this happening? Well, no idea, it doesn’t make much sense. Moreover, if this option was more in demand, it was because iPad users are those who had asked for years for a browser with all the options of a desktop and an Instagram application. The first came with the latest version of Safari on iPadOS 14, but the app will not arrive and that is why it is strange that they have not already given this option.

It is likely that they will activate it soon, because it does not make sense to limit them, but right now it is true that it is very shocking that it is not available. It is also appreciated that the company is improving sections like this or the one it did at the beginning of the year in the way of viewing Instagram stories on the web.

How to post on Instagram from the browser

Well, as you can imagine, publishing on Instagram right now from the browser is not something that entails any kind of difficulty. You simply have to access the Instagram website and log in if you have not done so. Once it has loaded, if you have the option activated, you will see the + icon in the upper right corner.

When you click on that + icon, a floating window will open through which you can choose the photo or video you want to share, apply filters, edit aspects such as brightness, contrast, etc. and even write an accompanying text and other options. Then to publish and that’s it. Without having to activate developer settings, change user agent, etc.

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