You can now pre-order Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder Funko

After a long wait and great anticipation from the fans, finally The first trailer for the new Marvel Studios movie has been released, Thor: Love and Thunderand has amazed all fans of the Disney MCU with its mix of comedy, drama, good music and references to cascoporro that characterize director Taika Waititi’s productions within the factory.

Figures for a Thor in peace

In addition, and on the occasion of the premiere of that teaser trailer (you have it right above), Numerous merchandising brands have unveiled their products inspired by the film. And the most relevant have been, without a doubt, Hasbro, which has revealed its collection of Marvel Legends figures based on the film; LEGO, which has shown two very interesting and unique sets; and, finally, Funko, which has been true to tradition by designing a whole collection of pieces from the 29th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As far as the Funko Pop is concerned, we find ourselves before a rather strange collection for what Funko has accustomed us to, but we suppose that this is because the film itself is a complete rarity. In the first place, a base collection has been announced with six figures that are Thor, the god of thunder, the Mighty Thorplayed again by Natalie Portman, Valkyrie, the new queen of Asgard, Gorr the Godslayer, the villain of the film and, finally, Korg and Miek, inseparable friends of our main hero since the events of thor ragnarok.

Funko Thor Love and Thunder.

In addition, we can find Pop keychains! of the first four characters and a riding of Thor on a boat propelled by two goats, a scene taken directly from the legends of Norse mythology. Now, as for the exclusives, the truth is that there is not much variety.

A collection to come

First of all, we have the Mighty Thor without her helmet and with metallic tones on her suit, a piece that will be exclusive to the Books a Million store chain. In fact, the second figure is also of this character, but this time in a flying pose, glowing in the dark and with lightning around it that we can find on the specialized Pop in a Box website. It will also be possible to purchase a pack that will include the Thor and Mighty Thor figurines, exclusive to Target, and another one with the first four characters from the regular series, which we can find at Walmart.

Funko Thor Love and Thunder.

According to several reports from insiders, there would still be several figures to be announced, but surely we will have to wait until after the premiere of the film to meet them since, apparently, they would contain spoilers for the film and you already know how tense Marvel gets when there are threats that some detail of the plot is going to leak to the press or social networks.

All regular figures are now available for reservation on numerous specialized websites with an estimated delivery date for August and September 2022, almost at the same time as other Marvel Studios collections, such as those dedicated to the series of Moon Knight or to the movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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