You can now pre-order the new LEGO set with Thor’s hammer

If there is a character that has become one of the most important in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) so far, that is Thor, who has not only had his own trilogy (plus a fourth installment that is on the way), but has visited other franchises as well known as those of the Captain America and of course, avengers. Now, LEGO dedicates a set to him it has a peculiarity: it is designed on a 1:1 scale.

New set of Thor's hammer, from LEGO.

You can now book Mjölnir

The famous hammer from the movies, which can only be wielded by superheroes worthy of the stature of Thor, or Captain Marvel, comes to the LEGO universe thanks to a new set that you can now reserve through the manufacturer’s official website and that will be on sale next March 1. This new toy (not for children) is part of the so-called Infinity Saga that has already brought us such extraordinary pieces as the Infinity Gauntlet that Thanos uses to click on avengers infinity waror the Ironman armor itself.

From LEGO they already warn that this toy is not for children and that the recommended age is over 18 years, something that confirms that brands have found a gold mine in nostalgia but, above all, in the pockets of older generations. This set of Thor’s hammer is a faithful reproduction of the original model, the one we have seen in the movies, and which has more than important measurements for a set of this type: 46 cm. high by 29 wide. As if that were not enough, his taste for details even respects the same aspect and appearance of his handle, with a brown color that simulates that texture of the leather of the original model.

LEGO set inspired by the Thor universe.

As you know, the relationship between the God of Thunder and the Infinity Stones is very close, which is why LEGO thought it wouldn’t hurt to add some extras to make this spectacular set much more meaningful. For a start, Mjölnir is accompanied by a small figure of Thor (no, not life-size) plus a mini-figure set representing Odin’s fire, the Infinity Gauntlet, and the Tesseract, all set on a display platform. A reminder of the events experienced throughout all the films of The Avengers and of Thor himself.

Almost 1,000 pieces with the soul of superheroes

New set of Thor's hammer, from LEGO.

To place the figure in a visible place, the set has a base that simulates a violent impact against the ground and a whole series of brilliant blue glows, reminding us of the divine origin of this hammer. In total, we will have to assemble 979 pieces that include a small plate that makes it easy to place the figure on a display and identifies it perfectly, especially for the (few) who do not know exactly what it represents and the importance it has within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. . As we tell you, it is already possible to reserve it for shipments that will begin on March 1 by an approximate price of 119.99 euros.

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