You can now preorder the best official Xbox wired headphones

Are they the best stereo headsets for Xbox?

This new Microsoft product brings together many features that make it an incredibly interesting option for those who are looking for a wired stereo headphones. It is true that many of the options on the market seek to free users from cables with wireless options, however, some prefer to buy an accessory that does not require batteries and that they can use in other devices.

This type of headset is designed for them, since it focuses on offering a magnificent sound experience without going into too many frills. Of course, the design continues to demonstrate that good work of Microsoft in its accessories, since it presents a very high quality finish and a volume adjustment system hidden in the rotary controls that are hidden on each side.

Very comfortable

Xbox stereo headset

Its large ear cushions perfectly surround the ears to apply passive noise cancellation, thus avoiding much of the external noise. Their size helps so that when they are placed we do not feel especially heavy, something that is also counteracted with the headband. Also, these headphones are compatible with spatial sound technologies like Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos and DTS Headphone: X, so we can enjoy surround sounds as long as we have these technologies activated in our console.

A headset that is compatible with everything

Xbox stereo headset

The great advantage of having wired headphones is that we can use them with any device that offers a 3.5-millimeter output. Unlike wireless models with a Bluetooth connection or, worse still, Microsoft’s proprietary radio frequency connection, with these models you will not have problems connecting most devices, although as you may well know, high-end phones already dispense with this option. It never rains for everyone’s taste.

How much they cost?

The official price of the Xbox Stereo Headset is 59.99 euros, an amount that could seem somewhat high to speak of a wired and stereo model, however, its excellent build quality and its design make it a very interesting model to consider. These new headphones will not go on sale until September 21, but you can put your name on one of them if you reserve it from now on in the official Microsoft store.

In case you are looking for the wireless option, Microsoft has the other official option, the Wireless Headset, which has the same design but eliminates the striking and attractive green cable. In that case, the official price of the wireless models is 169 euros, although currently it can be found for 99.99 euros, in distributors such as Amazon, where you can buy some right now.

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