You can now relive your young days on PC thanks to Atari Mania

They say that nostalgia sells and that any object that takes us back to the past, to those years that many consider better, it serves to placate that small need to relive old sensations that at the time seemed pleasant to us. And video games is one of those industries that is knowing how to exploit that return to the past that we all need to do from time to time.

old atari games

Also, at a time when remakes and remastering are flying around us, it never hurts to meet up with those classic titles that introduced us to the world of video games for the first time. And if there is an iconic company, which has carved out a good part of its legend in the second half of the 70s and the first half of the 80s, that is none other than Atari. An old rocker that the most veterans will still keep in a special place in their hearts gamer.

The fact is that Atari still roams the world as a brand, not in the hands of its original owners (for eons, specifically), but as a company that wants to revive the old laurels as it is of his most recognized classics. And product of that intention is Atari Maniaa title that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the brand’s foundation and that puts us in the shoes of the chief curator of a hypothetical museum where those classics that have made us enjoy so much rest: asteroids, battle zone, Centipede, Gravitate, lunar lander, MissileCommand, pong, Space Duel, Storm And a long etcetera.

Unlike other pure and simple compilations, here they hide all that festival of classics (more than 150) inside a development that at times seems adventurous and that argumentatively reminds us of the movies of Night in the museumwhere at sunset, an extraordinary event takes place that will put the legacy of Atari and all its iconic cartridges in check, so we have to fix the problem by visiting each and every one of the universes of those releases that we enjoyed between the 70s and the 80s

A load of nostalgia

Although the game is full of really moving reviews for the most veteran fans, who will see in each game a little piece of their juventus stuck there, hide lots of easter eggs that sting us to continue playing without rest. In addition, you won’t get tired because you will have the opportunity to revisit all the games in a completely new way but that maintains a certain retro essence thanks to its more than evident design. pixel-perfect that is so fashionable and that has triggered the development of devices focused exclusively on emulation and retro phenomenon. In this way, Atari Mania does not run the risk of seeming like a bad version of its old classics, but rather an adaptation of what many of them could have been if they had arrived in the midst of the reign of the NES, Mega Drive or Super Nintendo.

The game has been released for PC (Steam and Epic Games Store) and Nintendo Switch, in addition to Atari VCS. In the case of the computer version, lThe recommended requirements are not high at all and simply with a “processor and a 64-bit operating system” it will be enough to fully enjoy this adventure that condenses a good part of the history of video games in a very little space. The one that was written in the early years of a phenomenon that has established itself as the preferred form of entertainment around the world. Above cinema, television or music.

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