You can now reserve an Intel Arc A380 at Newegg

Intel spin effect and blow for those who, in recent weeks, have dedicated themselves to considering dead the most ambitious project undertaken by Intel in recent years. And yes, we have been reading here and there for weeks some theories… let’s say questionable, that would like to show that Intel has stopped the Intel Arc project and that it would even be considering canceling it permanently. Something that, who knows, could perhaps happen, but that is not justified at all with the arguments used to defend such theories.

It seems true that the project has had some problems that have delayed the schedule originally planned for launches, but in assessing this situation we must not forget two important points. The first is that developing a GPU from scratch is very, very complex. A few weeks ago, our colleagues from MuyComputerPRO published a news about the launch of the Glenfly Arise GT-10C0, a low-end graphics card of 100% Chinese design and production, which has taken a whopping 15 years since it began to take shape until it has reached the market.

Intel didn’t know where it was going? Thinking this is so absurd that it even hurts. Obviously the bugs and delays are a problem, but it takes more than considerable effort to think that Intel did not notice this possibility when starting the project. With more than 20 years professionally dedicated to putting together lyrics, I am aware that sometimes I still make mistakes, but they don’t make me think of quitting. And one of the most important technology companies in the history of the sector, however, is not going to be aware of that same reality, which is for everyone? I think the conclusion is obvious, and also that selling fatalism works too well, unfortunately.

During the last weeks we have told you that There are already several manufacturers that have announced desktop computers with Intel graphics cards. First it was ASUS and MSI, and just a week later ACER joined. Personally, I will say that it seems strange to imagine three manufacturers of this level announcing equipment based on a solution that they have not tested and that could be canceled shortly, don’t you think? I’m not saying it’s impossible, mind you, but it does seem downright unlikely.

And if until now desktop computers with Intel graphics have been “spotted”, today we see another very interesting advance in this regard, and that is that the popular retailer Newegg has included in its catalog an Intel Arc A380 graphics card. And even more interesting is that it is not a graphic produced by Intel, but by one of its partners in this adventure, ASRock. It cannot be purchased yet but the retailer has already enabled the possibility of making reservations and, as we can read on the web, the expected date of release for sale is next August 22Monday of next week.

You can now reserve an Intel Arc A380 at Newegg

The card, called ASRock Challenger Arc A380 ITX, is priced at $139.99. As you can see in the images, it has a fan and these are its main specifications:

  • PCIe 4.0
  • Intel Arc A380 GPU
  • Clock frequency: 2,250 megahertz
  • Six gigabytes of GDDR6 RAM at 15.5 Gbps
  • 1 x HDMI 2.0b
  • 3x DisplayPort 2.0
  • 8-pin power connector
  • 8K support (7,680 x 4,320 points)

Thus, it is possible that the first of the expected Intel Arc Alchemist will reach international markets in less than a week. Obviously, we will have to wait to confirm that this has been the case and that, therefore, Intel Arc has left the Asian markets chosen by Intel for its first launch. It will be very interesting, if it is confirmed, see what those who claimed that this would never happen say.

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