You can now save and restore your tab groups in Chrome

We tell you this because for a few weeks now, Google is working to add new functions to Chrome’s tab grouping functionality. With ready, what we want to tell you is that the search giant wants us to be able to save and restore groups of personalized tabs. Well, this is something that we can already try and we are going to show you how to do it.

Chrome already allows us to save our own groups of tabs

The first thing we should know is that Google introduced the Tab Groups function in 2020. This is something that could be seen in the development versions of the Chrome browser. That is why today the tab grouping It is available to all users of the stable version. To take advantage of this functionality, we just have to right-click on any tab open in the browser and select the option Add tab to the new group.

This is found in the contextual menu that appears, where we can assign custom colors and titles to each group. Also, here we have the possibility to use the drag and drop function to place additional tabs in a certain group. It is also interesting to know that these groups can be collapsed to make room for other tabs in the browser window. In turn the giant of searches He is working on other functions for this same section, something that we will see over time.

However, what we can already try is to save those groups that have just arrived in the test version of the browser, Canary. This new feature offers users the ability to manually save and restore group sessions.

How to enable save tab groups function

First of all, we must bear in mind that Google has already introduced the experimental selector in Chrome Canary. This allows the saving tab groups, but the function is still not fully working. Although we have the option to save a group when we enable it, the functionality that controls the save is not yet fully ready, although it is expected to be shortly.

At this point we will tell you that, in order to enable the function, we have to do the following. We start the Canary version of Chrome and in the address bar we write the following:


Set the experimental mark to Enabled to activate it and restart the browser. Once enabled, all we have to do is right-click on the header of the tab groups and activate the option Save group.

Save group chrome

At the moment it is not yet clear how they will be able to restore groups from this functionality, as it is not yet fully completed. And it is that saving is only useful if there is an option to restore. Now it only remains to see if it will be available when we right-click on the tab bar or anywhere else in the program.

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