You can now see the trailer for the Apple TV + movie “Finch” starring Tom Hanks

Finch's next release for November 5

The premiere of a new movie starring Tom Hanks is a sure success. And we can see that premiere on Apple TV + in the month of November. The tape is titled «Finch«And if you want to know what it is about, you can already see the official trailer that Apple has just released today on its YouTube account.

Coming from Tom Hanks, the plot of the film can be of anything, since the same thing we see him doing as a castaway on a desert island, as a captain of a submarine or a soldier looking for a certain Ryan … This time, the thing is from the future …

One of the films released in Apple TV + Most viewed on the platform has undoubtedly been “Greyhound.” Simply because the protagonist of the film was Tom Hanks. With him, success is assured.

For November 5, Apple TV + plans to release another new movie with the same protagonist, therefore, another new guaranteed success. the tape is titled “Finch.” This time, Tom Hanks changes the submarine from «Greyhound»For a futuristic adventure in a future post-apocalyptic age.

The story is pretty straightforward: Hanks plays a guy named Finch who lives in a futuristic world. In the film, Finch looks for a new home for his family, somewhat peculiar: it consists of a robot that he created himself, and his beloved dog «Goodyear«.

The film was originally intended to be released by Universal, on the big screens around the world. But due to the happy pandemic, as happened with “Greyhound”, the production company decided to sell it to the highest bidder to be released on a video platform.

Apple bought the rights, and it will debut on its platform on November 5th. Today the official trailer was released on Apple’s YouTube account.

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