You can now try macOS 12 Monterey, albeit with risks

You can try it, although it could give you problems

We already told you in another article how to install a macOS beta on Mac, either the developer or public beta. However, it is worth remembering what these versions entail and that is that the good thing you already know: being able to try before others the news that will reach Macs with the new version that will replace Big Sur in a few months.

However there are some risks for which it is not recommended to install themor at least not in main work teams. These betas are still that, betas. They are still trial versions that can contain some instability and throw errors of all kinds; from apps that do not work properly or directly or open to slow scrolling through the system, unexpected reboots or excessive battery consumption in the case of MacBook. Therefore we recommend that you think about it before installing. And yes, you may know someone who has the same equipment as yours and is doing well, but in the end the randomness means that in your case you can suffer problems.

wallpaper macos 12 monterey

If you finally take the risk and decide to install, we must strongly recommend that, before doing so, you proceed to make a backup copy of the Mac in case you later have to return to the latest stable version. It will not help you to have the settings and data that you will have in the beta, but for the ones you have right now.

So when can it be installed without failures?

In future betas it is expected to gain some stability and although it is not ruled out that there may be some small flaw in the final version, the truth is that it will already be a much more stable version. This public release will arrive sometime in the autumn months. Again this station has been the one that Apple has indicated as the launch date of all its new operating systems, without giving more details. Based on what was seen in previous years, iOS 15, iPadOS 15, watchOS 8 and tvOS 15 would arrive in September, although it is not so clear with this macOS 12.

Both ‘Catalina’ and ‘Big Sur’ were released later that month, more specifically in October and November respectively. Apple probably wants to take more time to develop the Mac system to give them better performance and avoid problems, so it is not ruled out that ‘Monterey’ is seen in one of those months. In any case, we will continue to be attentive to new information, as well as possible unannounced news that will be seen both in the developer betas and in the public ones.

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