You can now try the public beta of WhatsApp Desktop on your Mac


We can finally enjoy WhatsApp on our Mac. I just installed the public beta of WhatsApp Desktop for macOS and the truth is that it works perfectly. I can send and receive simultaneously from my iPhone and my Mac.

All a marvel. After a long time of waiting, WhatsApp finally just released its public beta of its desktop application today, both for macOS as for Windows. You can install it now.

For a couple of hours, WhatsApp has been launching a public beta of its desktop application for all users who want to try it. MacOS and Windows users can now sign up for the beta tester program and try out all the latest features coming to the app from WhatsApp Desktop.

When users enroll in the program, they officially become beta testers and will receive all beta updates. automatically. For now, the most recent version for public users is 2.2133.1.

If you want to try WhatsApp Desktop beta for macOS, you can do it from here. I just installed it and it works at perfection. You just have to download the dmg file, install it on your Mac, and link the application with that of your iPhone with a QR code.

The novelty compared to the previous desktop version is that it now becomes a pure and simple multi-device application. You don’t need to have your iPhone close or connected so that WhatsApp works on your Mac. You can have your mobile turned off and continue sending and receiving messages in the desktop application.

A WhatsApp spokesperson has already assured that the multi-device application compatible with iPadOS. Thus, we can enjoy WhatsApp both on our iPhone, iPad or Mac. Now we only need to know when it will also arrive on our Apple Watch, and finish closing the circle. It would be the pear … I mean … apple.

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