You can now try the VR version of Among Us

Among Us was, on its own merits, one of the great surprises of 2020. Although it was initially released in 2018, the coincidence that several successful streamers played it in 2020, added to the fact that we are talking about a year in which we spent more time without leaving the house (some months due to confinement and the rest due to prudence) and socializing. on the Internet, caused that suddenly, almost two years ago, it became the sensation of the moment and that everyone wanted to play it.

It is true that despite the efforts of its developers, the small independent studio Innersloth, to retain as many users as possible, after the formidable spike in September their numbers began to drop until they found their new ground, which we can rate at around 10,000 players per day. It has nothing to do with the almost half a million daily that it was close to reaching in September 2020, but it is a more than substantial amount compared to between 200 and 500 before the boom.

Furthermore, and this is somewhat interesting, we see that the number of players has remained reasonably stable in recent timesand that a relevant part of them are streamers, which means that even today, the number of viewers that the streams of Among Us add up on Twitch can approach, or in some cases even exceed, 100,000 daily.

Thus, Innersloth has continued to work on Among Us ever since, taking care of the community of players who remain active, and perhaps waiting for a new boom that will bring joy to their numbers, as evidenced in the game’s regular updates. The latest news in this regard, and in which they have been working for some time, is a VR version of the game. And the good news is that, as we can read in Yahoo! Finance, The beta has already been opened so that users can try the VR version of Among Us,

As we could already imagine, in this VR version of Among Us we changed the third person isometric view for the first person mode, which is a very interesting change in the game dynamics, since in this way we will not be able to see if someone is following us. Proximity voice chat has also been added, removing the need for Discord or text chat, and the option to accuse other players of being the impostor by pointing fingers has also been added.

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