You can now upload photos to Instagram from your computer: we explain step by step how to do it

Conspiracies on social networks: How did the characters of The Strange World of Jack die? Conspiracies on social networks: How did the characters of The Strange World of Jack die?Instagram is a social network focused on photography, since its launch it has integrated new functions to stay current and stand out from strong competition. On this occasion, the platform has integrated one of its most anticipated functions, the opportunity to upload photos from the PC.

For years, Instagram focused its application on mobile use, with the aim that all creators upload original content created through this tool to the platform. However, trends and the way of use has changed, which is why the social network has had to adapt as part of its work tasks.

Here we leave you a guide, step by step, how to use this feature and the content that is available for the desktop version of Instagram.

How to upload a photo from the PC?

The first step is to access the website, using a PC, then you must access your account by logging in, or failing that, creating one through a registration on the same web portal.

Once inside you must go to ‘+’ symbol Inside a box, this button will ask you if you want to upload a publication, a story, a reel or make a live video. This time you have to select “upload a publication”, then just select the photo or video.

Add a filter or edit a photo

Once you have selected the image to upload, like the mobile app, it will allow you to select the crop, from original, a square (1: 1), vertical (4: 5) and landscape or panoramic (16: 9) .

You can also select a filter, adjust its intensity or modify its parameters manually, that is, brightness, intensity, contrast, saturation, temperature, among many others.

Unlike the mobile version, the desktop app only allows you to add the location of the photo, include a description, select accessibility, that is, adjust so that people with vision problems know what the photo shows and deactivate comments. Still very limited.

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Social Media Conspiracies: How Did the Characters in Jack’s Strange World Died?

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