You can now use Alexa on iOS in the simplest way possible

Alexa on iPhone

Until now, the only official way to have Alexa on the iPhone was by installing the official application and having it open with the phone unlocked. Well, now thanks to the latest update of the official application, we will have the opportunity to place a widget directly on the home screen so that with a simple click we can invoke the assistant without any additional action.

It is therefore the fastest and most direct method with which to have Alexa services on the iPhone or iPad, since voice activation will continue to be exclusive to Siri, which for something is Apple’s personal assistant. With the Amazon Alexa application updated to the latest version, you will only need a device with iOS 14 or higher to be able to add the widget.

How can I add the Alexa widget?

To add the Alexa widget you will only have to press and hold on any place on the main screen so that the icons start to shake and you can see the “+” icon in the upper left corner of the screen. By clicking on this icon you will see the list of available widgets according to the applications you have installed, so that will be where you will find the Widget “Ask Alexa”.

In the event that you have the Amazon Alexa application updated to the latest version and you cannot find the widget in the list of widgets, try opening the Amazon Alexa application and closing it so that the list of widgets is updated with the changes. By doing that you should finally see the Ask Alexa widget.

Is it better than Siri?

Whether one assistant is better than another depends on whether you have other compatible devices. If you have several Amazon Echoes at home, you will most likely feel comfortable with Alexa, on the other hand, if you have the odd Homepod or an Apple TV, perhaps Siri is the assistant that best suits your needs.

Of course, the possibility of being able to launch Siri with the phone screen off with a simple voice command is still much more comfortable than the process of having to unlock the phone and having to press on the new widget, something that completely breaks with the magic of the assistants, who offer us solutions without having to touch any type of screen or device.

Still, the arrival of the widget is excellent news for those who use Alexa regularly and will need a more effective shortcut to be able to use their favorite voice assistant.

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