You can now use the best Artificial Intelligence to create images

To a great extent and thanks to the artificial intelligence, working with multimedia content such as graphics and images is improving and becoming much simpler in recent times. Some applications and platforms are appearing that make use of AI in order to bring users closer to everything related to graphic design, as is the case with DALL-E.

Even a giant like Google is working on its own tool with these characteristics to get the most out of this artificial intelligence. Specifically, we refer to the possibility of generating original images through texts. Obviously these sets of characters that we refer to we have to define ourselves to obtain the results in the form of photos that we want.

Well, now we are going to talk about an interesting novelty that has just been produced in which it could be considered the most representative application of these characteristics. Specifically, we refer to DALL-Ea powerful program focused on creation of these contents using artificial intelligence. The novelty that has just been produced and that we will talk about is that the proposal is now available to the general public without waiting lists.

We are talking about the fact that as of this moment, those responsible for the application have eliminated the waiting list to be able to use the Beta version of DALL-E. As you can imagine, this will allow all those who wish to register and start using it immediately, without waiting. It must be taken into account that at this moment around one and a half million users already work and create content in this way on the aforementioned platform.

Create your own creative designs with DALL-E’s AI

Basically this means that thanks to DALL-E, artists and creative directors around the world create more than 2 million images up to date through their texts and thanks to the integrated AI. Users belonging to all kinds of sectors such as architecture design and much more can take advantage of all this. In addition, another of the striking points that this application presents us with is the possibility of share our creations with other stakeholders.

It is evident that something as important as our creativity and experience on the platform comes into play here. This way we can obtain the designs in the form of images that we are looking for in an original way. In this way, the heads of the program with this movement intend to extend the use of your AI and grow your market. They let us know that over the last few months the use and experience of DALL-E has grown exponentially. Users who already used it thus have a powerful creative tool. What’s more, they have made important contributions to the functions of DALL-E so that it improves.

Now, thanks to the elimination of waiting lists to start using the program, it is expected to grow exponentially. We must bear in mind that thanks to the comments of current users, functions such as Outpainting. This allows us to continue with an image beyond its original limits and create a larger project. All this opens up a wide range of possibilities when it comes to design all possible ways and streamline our creative processes.

DALL-E account

In addition, the company has recently improved the platform filters to reject the creation of designs with adult, violent and similar content. Once we know all this we can register through the official DALL-E website and start working with our creations in the form of designs.

Take advantage of program credits

One of the key elements of our creations here is based on the credits that we can receive and that the program itself offers us. At first we must take into account that the new accounts that are created receive a total of 50 free credits. These will serve us to use during the first month since we activate it. From that instant rwe receive 15 monthly credits. It is important to know that we use these elements to create our designs in the form of images. We consume one credit for each image we generate here.

DALL-E interface

As usual, in the event that we need more credits to generate new designs, we will have to pay for them. To give us an approximate idea, right now we can buy 115 credits for $15.

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