You can now visit many US Apple Stores without having to wear a mask


As of today Friday, already It is not mandatory to wear a mask to enter to visit some of the Apple Stores in the United States. Of course, great news, without a doubt.

This new rule obviously depends on the area where each store is located. But thanks to the level of citizens already vaccinated against COVID-19 and the decrease in detected infections, the company has decided that it is no longer mandatory to enter many of Apple’s physical stores with a mask. Another positive sign that indicates that little by little we return to normality.

Bloomberg has published a report explaining that as of today, many of Apple’s physical stores in the US will already be accessible without a mask. It will no longer be mandatory, and it will be up to the customer to go to the Apple Store with it on, or not.

If you mask in more than 100 US stores

This new standard goes into effect today, in more than 100 stores from United States. If we take into account that there are 270 stores in that country, they are not even half, but without a doubt it is great news. As the number of COVID-19 infections in the rest of the areas decreases, the mandatory nature of the mask will be eliminated.

All customers will be able to enter Apple retail stores, whether they are vaccinated or not, and the vaccination certificate will not be required to access them. In areas like Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, for example, where the use of masks is still mandatory, they will still have to be used in order to access Apple stores.

In these stores where it will no longer be mandatory to visit them with a mask, Apple employees yes they will continue to wear them at all times. Definitely great news. If Apple has already started in the US, it will soon extend this new regulation to other countries, depending, obviously, on the numbers of infections and the level of vaccination in each specific country.

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