You can pay online in all these ways, but you should only use one of them

Online purchases have become quite common for many users around the globe. One of the great fears that many users had until recently was everything related to the payments and your securitybut things have improved a lot in recent times.

As a general rule, we have the possibility of making our purchases of all kinds in a multitude of platforms and internet stores. In addition, each of them tries to offer us multiple ways to pay online. As you can imagine, this allows us to adapt to the method that most interests us or that we have available. However, not all of them are equally reliable or offer us the same guarantees.

It must be recognized that most of these electronic stores to which we refer offer us reliable payment systems. Hence, we can opt, at least on most occasions, for any of them and use them safely. In addition, we can find a multitude of commonly used payment methods and to which we are surely more than accustomed.

Among the systems to pay in the most common online stores, we can use our both credit and debit cards. At the same time, as is the case with the e-commerce giant, for example, Amazon, we even have the possibility of adding our bank account so that the charges are made directly here. Obviously, all this is carried out through a secure platform that the store itself offers us to take care of the transfer of these bank details.

What’s more, we can also find some websites that allow us to pay the courier who brings us the order in cash. This allows us to verify that the product received is the one we have purchased and is in perfect condition. before paying cash.

What is the most recommended method to pay online?

As we mentioned before, everything related to security and privacy when making online payments has improved a lot in recent times. In fact, at this time we can affirm that we will rarely have data leak problems when making payments with our bank cards. Of course, we must also choose the website where to make the payment carefully and make sure that it is trustworthy.

However, there is a method that in most cases we are going to recommend above the rest. Specifically, we refer to using platforms that act as intermediaries between our bank and the e-commerce website. Specifically, we refer to services such as PayPal, which is perhaps the best known of its kind. For this we only have to create a free account on this platform to enter our cards or bank accounts there.

paypal claim

From that moment and in the corresponding shopping web we will only have to introduce our PayPal credentials. In addition, we must take into account that most internet stores are compatible with this platform. In this way we do not expose the numbers of our credit or debit cards in any portal. Moreover, in the case of having problems when receiving the product, PayPal offers us an insurance to mediate directly with the online merchant and, if necessary, return the amount paid.

Hence, we must take into account and prioritize this payment method over others in most cases when buying online.

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