You can play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II before its launch

Just over two months is the time that separates us from the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, a long-awaited title for the legion of fans of this franchiseWell, this installment is signed by Infinity Ward, which is not a guarantee, but it is a very good sign that we can find ourselves facing a title that will bring back the best of the original versions of Modern Warfare, one of the branches from the tree that has left the best taste in the mouth.

As you will surely remember if you are waiting for the debut of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, we already told you at the beginning of June that its launch is scheduled for October 28, although the most daring (because of buying it without having references from other players when it’s already on the market) You can already, from that moment, acquire it in the pre-purchase mode for a price of 69.99 euros in its base version, which goes up to 99.99 euros in the case of the Vault version, available for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

As a general rule, pre-orders give access to some assets exclusive, which in many cases are the reason that pushes users to make these paid reservations. This formula is especially effective if said digital assets are exclusive, that is, there will be no way to obtain them once the game is released. Then, of course, it also depends on how interesting these are, of course, since a basic aesthetic accessory is not the same as a good set of “gifts”.

In this case, however, Activision has been very smart, because instead of encouraging pre-purchase with these downloads, what it has done is offer access to the successive betas that are published, so that the most anxious can begin to enjoy it as soon as possible and that, in addition, in this way collaborate with its development. I like to think that the company also has a professional testing team, of course, but in any case it seems to me a more than attractive reward for many players.

And now we know, from Yahoo! Finance, which developer and distributor have pulled a new ace up their sleeve, to further encourage previous purchases. And it is that although the launch is still scheduled for October 28, Activision has decided to offer an additional reward, and also very attractive. And it is that although the multiplayer will not open until that date, players who have pre-purchased Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II before they will be able to start playing it in story mode eight days earlier, starting on October 20.

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