You can upload videos to TikTok from PC, but with so many restrictions that you will not like it

Among the multiple social platforms that we can use in these times, TikTok It is one of the most popular right now. For example, while Instagram focuses on posting photos, at least in its early days, this other proposal focuses more on videos.

In this way we will have the opportunity to record our own creations in the form of these multimedia contents to share them with the rest of the world. Precisely thanks to the connections and data charges that we have today on the Internet, the consumption of videos has spread exponentially. Perhaps this is precisely one of the secrets of the success of this social network.

The truth is that initially the platform was created to be used basically on mobile devices, as is the case with a good part of this type of social network. However, thanks to its enormous success and market penetration, little by little it has also been extended to desktop computers. Precisely all of this that we want to talk about next. And it is possible that many of you do not know that you have the possibility of uploading video content to TikTok directly from the computer.

This may make things easier for many users who are more comfortable with their desktop PC and have saved videos that they want to share. Therefore, next, we are going to show you how to achieve this. But we must also take into account some restrictions that we will have to respect, which can become a issue.

Upload videos to TikTok easily, but with restrictions

To achieve this that we tell you, we only have to access the official website of the platform from our favorite internet browser. Once we have entered our credentials on screen The users we follow will appear, others who propose us, as well as videos that we can already view directly. But to upload your own content, which is what interests us in this case, we will have to click on the Upload button that is located at the top of the interface.

Here we find a series of fields that we must fill in in addition to choosing the file as such from our computer disk drives. We can also establish the legend that will accompany that content and make it public or private. At the same time, for security and privacy reasons, we may restrict comments and other uses of the video. As we mentioned before, to achieve all this we must first meet a series of essential requirements, otherwise we will not be able to upload that video from the PC.

Perhaps some of these limits that the social network TikTok in the form of restrictions do not finish convincing many. It could even reverse the decision of some to publish these video files directly from the PC in the social network that we are commenting on. Next, we specify what are the restrictions imposed by those most responsible:

  • Supported files are only MP4 and WebM.
  • The resolution of the video must be at least 720 x 1280 pixels.
  • The orientation must be vertical.
  • The video can not occupy more than 2 gigabytes.
  • Its duration cannot exceed 10 minutes.

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