You don’t like Overwatch 2’s micropayment system? So tell Blizzard

Blizzard discovered the power of free2play with Heartstonethat sensational card title based on the lore of world of warcraft, which became an inexhaustible source of income for those in Irvine. Based on expansions but, above all, on envelopes and lightning offers, American coffers were filled with millions of dollars that have served to rely on a much more onerous business model for the user than simply selling the games at a certain price per unit.

Complain all you can!

Since the system worked, after Heartstone arrived (years later) Devil Immortal with a new batch of digital items that we needed to buy to advance from certain points in the famous ARPG for mobile devices and PC. So when it was announced Overwatch 2, many raised their hands to their heads because they could already imagine what was going to happen to their pockets: that they would shake, as they have.

Until now, the only thing players could do Overwatch 2 it was either complaining on social media or creating immensely long threads on Reddit, hoping that Blizzard would find out and understand the magnitude of the mess. But the days have passed and It seemed that those from Irvine were not going to give their arm to twist, Except for a couple of little details that have allowed us to relax, such as the requirements of some daily missions to obtain rewards more easily.

The fact is that Blizzard must have felt something special in this case, that the business could fall, and has started asking the community directly about what they think about things like the Battle Pass or the store itself within Overwatch 2.

How can you leave your opinion?

As we say, it has been Blizzard that has taken the initiative sending emails to players asking them to complete a survey. This has already been reported by quite a few users in some game forums on Reddit, where testimonials can be read announcing that they received “an email from Blizzard requesting that I complete a survey. He was referring a lot to topics related to the Battle Pass and the Overwatch Store […] I really hope this is a first step towards change.”

In these notifications, the players are taking the opportunity to send directly to the North Americans how unhappy they are with the system chosen to monetize Overwatch 2: «I tried to be critical but honest, since I was worried that he would throw out answers that were too angry. Hopefully this indicates that they are willing to adjust things, but I have no idea at this point. The handling of this game has been disappointing (to say the least) so far.”

In any case, from the testimonies that have been left in those threads, it seems that Blizzard is asking players different things based on the items they purchased from the in-game store, and even those who came close to doing so and ultimately chose not to complete the purchase. Something that is surely happening on a massive scale and that those from Irvine have detected and want to know what is the reason why they do not end up materializing. Is it your case? Have you been able to complain to the company yet?

In the case of Overwatch 2, It would be great if Blizzard received a harsh warning. to that custom he has picked up of squeezing the community with goodies digital ones that are purchased with real money. The same dream get their own Fortnite and keep that scenes competitive in eSports, but perhaps the creators of Devil, warcraft and other sagas is that they are playing with the patience of their most staunch fans. And that would be very dangerous.

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