You have 200 euros and want a curved monitor, these are the best

We have first of all monitor Samsung C24RG52FZR which has a size of 24 inches, a refresh rate of 144 Hz and also the panel is curved. Then we have the monitor ASUS VG248QGwhich is also 24 inches, but with a refresh rate of 165 Hz and support for AMD FreeSync Premium.


This monitor is especially interesting since it includes all the features that we should demand from any gaming monitor. It belongs to the ASUS TUF family, which is more focused on the average user, with high-end features but brought to the mid-range.

This monitor has a 24 inch TN type panel with a resolution of 1920×1080, which is the usual resolution. This panel is designed for an immersive experience and it is curved, with a radius of 1500R curvature. It also has a 165 Hz refresh rate and 0.5 MPRT response time which allows to obtain much more fluid images. Also note that it offers us a brightness of 350 cd/m2.

To provide the best possible user experience, this monitor makes use of the tFreeSync Premium technology. This technology is designed to offer the user the best possible user experience. What it allows us is to “synchronize” the FPS rate offered by the graphics card with the refresh rate of the monitor. In this way we will obtain much sharper images and at no additional cost, since this technology can be integrated without paying royalties.

includes the technology Proprietary ASUS GemePlus, which offers several competitive advantages to obtain the best possible performance. These integrations have been created together with professional gamers, seeking to optimize the performance and features of this monitor.

It also stands out for offering the possibility of rotate the screen 180º. What this allows us is to have the screen horizontally or vertically, as we need or want. Regarding connectivity, this monitor has a HDMI 1.4, one DisplayPort 1.2 and one DVIso that we have great connectivity versatility.

This ASUS TUF monitor the truth is that it has incredible performance and features. It seems to us to be one of the best options on the market to be able to enjoy competitive games par excellence such as CS:GO or Fortnite.

Samsung C24RG52FZR

You may be looking for a gaming monitor, but a little simpler and a little cheaper. A very good alternative is this samsung display, which also has a curved panel. Although some of its features are slightly below the monitor that we have previously discussed.

Does this monitor have a VA type with a size of 24 inches FullHD with a 1800R curvature. This monitor has a 144Hz refresh rate and 4ms response time, which is slightly worse than the previous monitor. The brightness is also slightly worse than the previous model, being in this case 250 cd/m2.

This Samsung monitor has the Eye Saver technology. What this technology allows is to reduce the emission of blue light, reducing visual fatigue and the possible headache of using the screen for hours. It also has the AMD FreeSync technology that allows an enhanced gaming experience by synchronizing the amount of FPS offered by the graphics card with the refresh rate of the monitor.

This Samsung gaming monitor has two connectors HDMI 1.4 and a connector Display Port 1.2. It lacks other types of connectivity, such as a jack connector or USB port.

Quite an economical alternative for those who have a fairly tight budget. Technically it is a little worse than the first proposal, but it is also of very good quality and will meet expectations.

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