You have it at home and it is the best to keep your passwords safe

It’s very important save passwords correctly. If you do things right, you’ll usually have a key for each record. That is, you will have one to enter Facebook, a different one for the mail, for the bank account… This makes it difficult to memorize all of them. So what can we do? In this article we are going to give you a recommendation that can be very useful and, in addition, it will prevent you from making the serious mistake of storing passwords incorrectly.

A common mistake is to save the passwords in a text file, for example on the computer or on the mobile. That can be a significant problem, since they are also devices that are connected to the Internet and can always arise vulnerabilities and attacks with those who manage to steal those keys.

Use an old device

The idea for store passwords securely It consists of using old devices that you have at home. It can be a computer, but it could also be a mobile, a Tablet or any other device. On those devices that you do not use, what you are going to do is simply have a file with the saved passwords.

The interesting thing is that these devices they will not be connected to the Internet. That is, they will not be able to access them. You are simply going to take advantage of them to save passwords and access them when you need it. You can also save any document that you want to protect from possible intruders.

For example, if those passwords You have saved them in an old mobile that you no longer use, if at any time you forget a password or you are going to use something that you have not logged in for a long time, simply turn on the phone and see those access codes. It’s as simple as that. You have to make sure that the device is going to be safe and will not end up in the wrong hands, in addition to never connecting to the Internet. The latter is important, since you will have the device completely isolated.

You can encrypt the documents

If you want to further increase security, what you can do is encrypt the documents Where are you going to store the passwords? You can use encryption so that they cannot be opened in case anyone accesses the device. If, for example, you lost that device, they would not be able to access the content.

Of course, one basic thing you can do is, regardless of encrypting those files, protect device with a password. If you have an older computer that you’re going to use for this purpose, make sure they can’t break in openly. The same in the case of a mobile, where you could also enable the fingerprint.

An interesting option is to create your own key manager on a flash drive. Basically it is a device that you will be able to take anywhere and where you will simply have the passwords saved. You can encrypt that USB memory and have it well protected so that, when you need it, you can access it to see the saved keys.

In short, as you can see, you can take advantage of your old devices and use them to save passwords. They can act as a key manager and thus avoid problems when it comes to recovering passwords and not forgetting them. Keep in mind that there are methods to crack passwords and you should avoid them.

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