You have it installed, and more than 20 antiviruses detect it as a virus: delete this NOW

Regardless of the operating system as such, as a general rule we install a good number of programs on our computer that we use on a daily basis. But not all of them are as reliable and secure as we would initially like. A clear example of all this can be found in the popular uTorrent client.

Here we are referring to an application that has been around for a good number of years and that focuses on helping us download Torrent files. This is a client that makes use of the P2P networks so that we can share these files in the simplest and most effective way. In fact, the program puts at our disposal a good number of customizable functions to optimize its operation.

This way we can make the most of everything that the Internet connection that we have available and our equipment offers us. We cannot forget that perhaps the main objective of this type of software is that we can share that content through torrent files as smoothly and safely as possible. Among the many proposals available in this sector of the softwareuTorrent is one of the oldest as well as popular.

uTorrent on Windows 10

However, on many occasions various inconveniences have been detected, some important and related to the security. In fact, at the moment the executable file of this Torrent client is marked by more than 20 antiviruses as dangerous. This is something that we only have to check through the VirusTotal online service.

Here we refer to a powerful tool that makes use of a huge number of security solutions to search for malicious code in the files that we upload.

uTorrent is again detected as malware

This is something that we can do perfectly well with the uTorrent executable and we verified first hand that more than 20 antiviruses detect it as malware. It is precisely for this reason that many users end up discarding the use of this Torrent client and using any other. For example, among the most attractive options in this regard, we can opt for qBittorrent or Transmission, for example.

With this, what we really want to tell you is that in the event that you have doubts with the aforementioned client, the best thing you can do is delete it and use any other. And it is that it is marked as a virus by the commented service, over time it has shown that it occurs for various reasons. In the first place, we must bear in mind that the installer of this Torrent client incorporates a series of bloatware that it tries to add to our team in the installation process.

torrent virus

This is one of the factors why uTorrent is marked as potentially dangerous software by some antivirus. We must also take into consideration certain advertisements that the program includes internally. We can say that on some occasions the software has been accused of distribute malware via your advertising banners. Furthermore, a cryptocurrency mining service has also been detected, albeit in the past.

In short, in case of doubt we can uninstall or discard uTorrent and opt for another client of the many that exist.

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