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Boat games have always been a favorable ground for simple launches, practically arcade and if you don’t remember that Overboard! for PlayStation that arrived in 1997. But it was not until Assassin’s Creed III and its maritime phases that already brought some realism… although nothing compared to what this intends Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts that you already have available on Steam.

Naval warfare at its finest

As we tell you, the intention of this game is not to make things easy for us, or even to make our work easier so that we can command one of these battleships in the most intuitive way possible. The other way around, here the goal is the roughest and most realistic simulation possibleone that puts us in the center of an action where the response of the boat and the entire fleet is what we could expect in a real combat scenario.

Let’s see, this shouldn’t be taken literally either because few can tell us emphatically that Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts respect every last drop of ocean water to turn the gaming experience into a total simulation, but yes elements that navies around the world handle are taken into account when they are going to engage in combat on the open sea.

For example, the enemies will not be simple sparring put there for us to spank them since the developer warns us that we will have a sharp artificial intelligence behind us that will tickle us with real tactics in any of the war scenarios that it contemplates, and that amount to a total of 58. Resolving them with skill and, above all, knowledge, will be one of the main challenges of this Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts.

Academy and shipyard mode

But there are two elements that differentiate this game and it is the presence of a Naval Academy mode where we will be able to learn the principles of war at sea, with many classes and simulations of situations that we could face, and a curious shipyard where it will be possible to build our own warships to later test their effectiveness in combat.

It is a way that, as you can see in the video that you have above, It makes it easier for us to exchange modules to add new functions of attack and defense. The idea is not to mix like crazy but to build a fleet that is capable of facing all imaginable scenarios: in case we face a very well armed enemy or against those who prefer quick skirmishes where speed and maneuverability must overcome on many occasions the tonnage and the greatest fire potential.

We already told you that this Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts It is not a game to spend a few hours and that’s it. It has been designed for get with it and play it practically exclusively, as if it were a single hobby. In return, it will reward you with depth unparalleled in the genre, and content that will expand over the months. Remember that the game had in early access since the end of 2021 and it has not been until now that Game-Labs has decided to launch it definitively. Are you going to try it?

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