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When we open an account on one of the many social networks that we can use today, we want our posts to reach as far as possible. This is something we achieve by gaining followers on platforms such as Instagram or Twitteramong many.

In these lines we want to focus on the social network that is based on photos and videos and that is loved by millions around the globe. Specifically, we are referring to the popular Instagram that many of you use on a daily basis, either for personal or more professional reasons. Be that as it may, in both cases we sure want our account to be as popular as possible and have the highest number of followers.

Some think that this is something simple, but if it were that easy, everyone would have thousands of followers on Instagram, something that is not the case. But we can carry out some interesting movements in order to win a good amount of these, as we will see below. And we must bear in mind that the most important thing here are the publications that we share with the rest. By this we mean that we must take special care with them so that they become successful and we win. thousands of followers.

Post original photos and videos

Many users, perhaps for convenience, publish content from others belonging to a certain theme. However, to make our account succeeds It is always preferable to use your own photos and videos and also the more original the better. We must bear in mind that this is something that most of the regulars of the social network value and that will allow us to grow the platform.

It is not necessary to abuse the available filters

It is true that, when uploading the photos to Instagram, which are the main attraction for the rest, we can use a multitude of effects and filters that the corresponding ones offer us official apps. However, on many occasions these digital effects that give a touch of originality to these contents are not welcome. This means that abusing these effects in our publications will not always be a good decision, since it can make our social network account lose credibility.

instagram filters

Be truthful and concise in the description

On many occasions when we are going to publish a new entry that will be part of our Instagram account, we limit ourselves to upload photo or video. However, we must bear in mind that it will always be interesting to include a description in the form of text with which we can draw the attention of followers and non-followers. In short, what we achieve in this way is to give greater visibility to our publications.

use keywords

As before we talked about the description of the publications on Instagram, even more important are the keywords. These are the ones that we establish in the description itself preceded by the # symbol so that others can find us more easily within the social network. Therefore, we could say that the use of these keywords that we are commenting on is as important as the publication itself when it comes to having visibility and gaining followers.

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