You must update your iPhone now: this brings iOS 15.0.2

Yesterday, and almost without expecting it, it was launched iOS 15.0.2 for the same iPhone that were already compatible with previous versions. And although there was no update for the iPad, Mac and Apple TV, this one did accompany him watchOS 8.0.1. Both are focused on correcting very specific aspects such as the ones we tell you below.

Reasons to update to iOS 15.0.2

There are several failures of iOS 15 that have been reported in these weeks. Since the launch of the first version back on September 20 and even with 15.0.1, some bugs have been reported that Apple has not wanted to take long to correct. According to the notes of the iOS 15.0.2 update itself, the Californian firm has corrected these iPhone bugs:

  • Deletion of those photos from the gallery that come from Message threads that have been deleted.
  • Trouble locating the new MagSafe wallet compatible with the Search app.
  • Unable to see AirTags in the “Objects” tab of the Search app.
  • Crashes and disconnections when opening music players in CarPlay.
  • Problems when restoring or updating an iPhone 13, 13 mini, 13 Pro or 13 Pro Max through a computer, either with Finder or iTunes.

These problems were not present in all devices, but in a significant number so that Apple had to go out and correct them. But that’s not all, since the company claims that it contains major security level improvements that have been detailed throughout their website focused precisely on security.

We can say little about other improvements such as the autonomy, although already in iOS 15.0.1 it was quite fluid as a general rule. Just a few hours have passed and with the night in between, it seems little time to give an assessment, but at the moment there do not seem to be any changes for the better in this sense, but not for the worse and that is appreciated.

watchOS 8.0.1 upgrades to Apple Watch Series 3

Although this update is available for all the company’s watches that were already compatible with version ‘8’, the truth is that it is in the Series 3 that its appearance is most appreciated. The Cupertino company states that this update fixes some bugs reported when updating or configuring accessibility options in this version.

Likewise, it should be noted that battery performance has also been optimized on all models. It is not known if the brand new Apple Watch Series 7 that hits the market this Friday will already bring this version as standard (surely not), but surely it will be compatible and will allow its first buyers to have better first impressions.

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