You no longer have an excuse not to upgrade to Windows 11

Windows 11 It will be its first year. This operating system has come with quite a few changes, especially aesthetic ones, with which to achieve a renewed and modern look, similar to its rivals macOS and Linux. However, changes don’t always sit well with people, and this time they have made many users afraid to update because they don’t know how to use the operating system well. This is one of the reasons why, in one year, it has only achieved a market share of 10%. But this is going to end.

To prevent users from having problems getting hold of the new operating system, Microsoft has released a total of three videos explaining how this operating system works and all the secrets it hides. In this way, whether we come from Windows 7 or Windows 10, we will have no problem knowing all the basic secrets of the operating system.

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Meet Windows 11: discover the secrets of the new system

These videos, recorded and published by Microsoft, are designed both for those users who are taking their first steps in Windows 11 and for those who, although they have already installed it, want to learn all its tricks and take full advantage of it.

In total, Microsoft has published three videos. The first of them, which we can find here, teaches us how to use the search engine, the desktop and the Microsoft account correctly. The points in which the video is divided are:

  • universal search. It teaches us how to launch the search engine by clicking on the magnifying glass, or with the Windows + S shortcut, and how to perform any custom search, both locally and online.
  • desktop groups. Thanks to this function we will be able to have all our tasks better ordered and organized. We can create these groups from the task view (Windows + Tab), selecting new desktop, and we can change the desktop from there. In addition, we can even configure a personalized background for each one.
  • Microsoft account. We discover all the services that this free account provides us to be able to access everything that Microsoft offers us for free.
  • Keyboard shortcuts. Several keyboard shortcuts that can be useful:
    • Win + Left: Maximize an app, or window, to the left.
    • Win + V: open clipboard history.
    • Win + ; : Open the emoji panel.
    • Win + H: Open voice typing.
    • Win + S: open search.
  • OneDrive: save your photos and files in the cloud to always have them available.

The second of the videos, available at this link, helps us customize Windows by suggesting the use of certain functions and features. What we will learn in it is to use:

  • Edge Collections. Thanks to this function we will be able to order and follow our ideas much better on the Internet.
  • voice typing. Launch and use voice typing with your keyboard shortcut.
  • Use a digital pen.
  • Windows 11 widgets. Show and configure Windows 11 desktop widgets to keep track of our day to day.
  • Customize Windows. Choose the theme, background, colors and more to adjust Windows to our liking.
  • Snap. Thanks to the Windows + Z shortcut, we will be able to place the windows in different ways to make better use of the screen space and improve productivity.

Finally, the third of the videos, available here, mainly teaches us how to use the renewed apps that come by default in the OS. The points it covers are:

  • App photos. It teaches us how to sync our photos with OneDrive and have them appear when we open this app.
  • Microsoft Store. How the Microsoft application and game store works to be able to find what we want to download much faster.
  • mobile link. It explains how to connect and use our Android mobile to the PC.
  • Edge. All the secrets of the new Microsoft browser.
  • Revamped Windows 11 apps. As are Mail, Calendar and even Paint.

As we can see, it is no longer an excuse not to try Windows 11.

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