You were waiting for it! The classic VLC is already in the Microsoft Store!

This unexpected decision on the part of those in Redmond has had the desired effect, and the Microsoft Store has begun to receive applications such as WinZip, Zoom, Canva or Acrobat Reader DC in their classic versions of Win32. To these applications must be added that of the most popular and used multimedia player in the world, such as VLC Media Player, whose application Win32 It has already appeared in the Windows Store 11.

VLC Media Player, classic version, now available on Windows 11

The new policies adopted by Microsoft in order to improve the use and downloads of applications from its Store continue to obtain good results. It has now been VideoLan that has commissioned the famous free and open source player to be the next to appear in the new Windows 11 Store on its classic version of Win32, something that will surely be to the liking of its users. Until now we only had the UWP version available, which despite being from the same developer, its operation and characteristics are very different.

And is that the native version for Windows 10 is much more limited than the classic Win32 (for example, it does not allow to read DVD or Blurays), so we can now enjoy the multimedia player with all its functions, full features and options for customization, no cuts from the Microsoft Store. In this way, we guarantee to download a virus-free application, with always the latest version available, as well as future updates.

The new Microsoft Store open to all

In an effort to make its new app store more attractive to developers, Microsoft has rebuilt it “from scratch.” Now it allows it to be open to any type of technology, be it PWA, Win32 or UPW, among others, so we can already find any type of application. This is something that not only benefits developers, but users will also benefit. In the new store you can find classic applications with all its functions. This will avoid having to search through different Internet pages to download it. The arrival of Android applications to Windows is also expected thanks to a new alliance with Amazon.

WinZip, Canva, Adobe Acrobat DC… and now VLC are already part of the new Microsoft Store. In the future, the presence of the CorelDRAW suite has also been confirmed and there is speculation with the more than possible arrival of the Mozilla Firefox browser as classic Win32 applications. If you have the Insider version of Windows 11 and the new Microsoft Store, you can now enjoy them.

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