You will be able to repair the new Nokia phone yourself

HMD Global has introduced the Nokia G22a mobile phone that carries the flag of repairability, since its ingenious design is designed to offer access to numerous key parts and components that users can change when they need to.

From the phone that doesn’t break to the phone that can be repaired

Nokia G22 repair parts

The mythical Nokia 3310 earned the adjective unbreakable phone for its excellent durability, and perhaps that essence is what HMD has sought in its next terminal. The objective is none other than to allow a phone not to stop fulfilling its function due to a simple breakdown. And it is that today the breakage of a screen or the malfunction of the charging port force many users to change their mobile completely.

The proposal comes together with one of the great precursors of the right to repairability. And it is that iFixit has worked together with HMD Global to offer the ideas and the necessary resources to implement a system of distribution of parts that users can buy whenever they need one, even before the guarantee has expired.

What can I repair?

Nokia G22 repair parts

iFixit is already offering all the terminal components on its website, although unfortunately they are fewer than we would expect. These are the components and the corresponding sales prices:

  • Board with USB-C charging port: 19.95 euro.
  • Nokia G22 screen: 49.95 euro.
  • CN550 5,050 mAh battery: 24.95 euro.
  • Black back cover: 24.95 euro.

As you can see, the prices are quite affordable, which is why I would encourage many users to carry out the repair and complete the process on their own. Also, thanks to iFixit’s disassembly guide, the repair process will be quite easy if you follow all the steps listed.

Repair, but not update

It is important to clarify that the idea is that the phone can be repaired, and that is that at no time is there talk of updating. This is something that is quite evident when we see the parts that can be purchased, since at no time is there talk of camera modules or a motherboard with a processor.

These two modules would be key to offering a very interesting update with which to continue giving a second life to your phone, since, keeping the screen, battery and other components, we could improve the performance of the processor and the megapixels by acquiring new updated modules. But no, at the moment these ideas are not in HDM Global’s plans.

The price of this Nokia G22 is 189 eurosand comes with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage.

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