You will be able to see Doctor Who for free without paying a euro

The free Doctor Who channel

It will be on September 15 when the Pluto TV channel catalog include the new channel Doctor who, a channel that will broadcast the first nine seasons of the modern version of the series with which to enjoy the time travels of this mysterious traveler aboard his ship TARDIS.

Produced by the BBC, the series took up the trail left by the original version of 1963 and 1989 to return in 2005 with the so-called modern version, where it has already accumulated 12 seasons. The Pluto TV channel will offer the first 9, so you will have more than enough to immerse yourself in this fantastic series that so many fans have gathered in recent years.

More channels for everyone

The main attraction of Pluto TV is that, in addition to offering completely free content, it does not require any type of initial registration with which to access the service. This makes it an extremely easy solution for users to use, which is why many people use the service on their Smart TVs.

The new channels that will arrive from September 6 are:

The Dog Whisperer Pluto.TV

  • The Dog Whisperer: The famous César Millán show will have its own space to offer all the episodes of the first seven seasons of this successful dog show. In the different chapters we will see how the skills and knowledge of the famous dog whisperer will serve to instruct the most disobedient and difficult to control dogs.

Love Nature Pluto.TV

  • Love nature: Also as of September 6. This series will tell and explain many of the curiosities that we find in nature, being a very pleasant and entertaining didactic guide with which to learn even more about animals and vegetation.

Top Gear Pluto.TV

  • Top gear: The famous motor series lost its charismatic team led by Jeremy Clarkson (they went to Amazon Prime Video with The Grand Tour series), but you can still see the first seasons with the crazy stories that this fantastic show always promises. It will be available on September 15.

BBC Drama Pluto.TV

  • BBC Drama: The latest channel to join the grid is a BBC compilation focused on drama, where we can enjoy adapted classic series such as The Musketeers, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre or the new production Galerías Paradise. The BBC Drama channel will be available from September 15.

As always, all these channels will be completely free, and you will only have to access the web to start consuming them immediately. In addition, you can also access from your Smart TV, so the possibilities are endless.

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