You will be days away from playing all FIFA FUT 23 modes

There’s less left for the football simulator par excellence to hit the stores again with the latest installment of the saga, and how could it be otherwise, the new game is going to bring many novelties with which you won’t be able to detach yourself of the screen for days, especially in the most demanded game mode: football. Do you want to know the news?

the moments arrive

football moments is a new section located in the main menu of FUT where you can get a new currency to exchange for packs. These rewards will be the stars, which will be achieved as we complete these “moments”.


According to the developers, this mode will allow those players who are looking for short periods of time to play, since, if their free time is scarce, these moments will serve as “pills” to distract with matches and short rest.

The challenges will be very reminiscent of the objectives tab. It seems that this tab will disappear, but the truth is that the new game is clearer in defining and marking the challenges. Now we will receive notifications in the middle of the match to know if we have completed any of the challenges, something especially useful and that until now caused great headaches for the players, since you had to finish the match to know if that volley was really a bicycle kick or not . The challenges are quite varied, and the best thing is that once completed, you won’t need to finish the game (finally).

The stars

The new exchange currency introduced will be the stars. It is a gift that we will get as we complete Moments, being able to get more if we raise the level of difficulty of the tests. These stars do not expire, so we can accumulate as many as we want to be able to exchange them for important envelopes. So now, in addition to the FIFA Points and the fut coinswe will also have these rewards available with which to get complicated envelopes.

the new chemistry


But if there is a major change in the new season of fut is the arrival of the new chemistry system that will completely change the template creation system in the game. Now, the position links will disappear, to make way for a new system of links by country and relationship between players, so that we can create links between two separate players that do not touch each other.

Now the chemistry will have four different values, being able to fill up to three levels of chemistry or none in the worst case. A new sidebar will indicate which countries or leagues have the most weight in your squad, so you can check which players could increase your total team chemistry to take the maximum value of 33 chemistry points.

This will allow the creation of much more diverse teams, extremely striking combinations and, mainly, very different teams among the players, thus helping to achieve more fun and surprising games. In addition, the new position change attribute will allow the natural position of some players to be changed thanks to the new secondary position field, which will be based on the way and where the player plays in real life.

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