You will have to give your phone number to be able to play Warzone 2 on PC

A malaise that comes and goes

Indeed, Activision has come to confirm that all those players who want to get into both Call of Duty Modern Warfare II like in war zone 2.0 will have to go through a verification process that requires receiving an SMS on a mobile number that we will use as the main number of our account. Something that should not even be news but that many of the fans of the franchise have used to cry out in heaven.

Thus, if you decide to try any of the two releases that Activision is preparing for next month, you will have to register a mobile phone number in your account and, as is the case with other verification processes by email or authentication application, they will ask us to confirm that it is us through a simple text message. An SMS of a lifetime.

It must be said for those who still want to raise their hands to their heads, that this way of proceeding is not new since it was implemented with the first war zone that arrived in the year 2020, so if you are a player of that title you will not have to do anything with the new ones since your verified information already rests on Activision’s servers. In any case, it is certain that you are all thinking that what is all this fuss about if we are talking about something that has already been implemented for nearly two years and the community has not taken up arms against this requirement… right?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II.

An effective anti-cheat system

Indeed, we are facing the umpteenth stir made in social networks, that is to say, that some clueless person who goes through a tweet, reads a piece of news, half finds out, puts his hands to his head and starts a small uprising movement against what he believes is some kind of interference with his privacy, when in reality it is something accepted and used completely naturally by the community itself. And why do you think this is so? Well, because it helps maintain a clean and less toxic scene.

Indeed, as Team Ricochet has explained, who are responsible for ensuring fair play within Call of Duty, this SMS account verification “is critical to our anti-cheating efforts” since putting up that simple barrier of SMS almost completely frustrates the “creation of illicit accounts at their origin”. In other words, it drives away those who want to attack the game with the sole intention of gaining ranking using cheat.

Of course, at the moment this requirement of verification with SMS of our mobile phone focuses exclusively on PCfor both releases, including Steam and, so all console versions of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 They are saved from this mandatory step for the time being.

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