You will like this novelty of the iPhone 15 a lot

The month of September is approaching and with it all the rumors that are coming out about the new iPhone must be taken into account more than ever, despite the fact that the vast majority of news that it will foreseeably have are already known due to the large number of leaks that have been carried out in recent months. However, on this occasion we had not heard of this novelty, and surely many users love it, keep reading that we will tell you everything in this post.

One of the great handicaps that many users see in the iPhone It is the reduced fast charge that they have, especially if we compare it with other competing smartphones that have charging speeds that double and triple what Apple allows on iPhones. This at a functional level does make a big difference, since in the end the time they have to invest in charging their devices is much less, although yes, you also have to take into account that it considerably affects the health of the battery , since if fast charging is used daily, the degradation of the battery is much greater over time.

The novelty of the iPhone 15 to charge it faster

As we told you, the fast charging of the next iPhone could change, and it is that according to what the leaker “yeux1122” has reported, Apple is considering two changes that are surely seen with very good eyes by the vast majority of users who Until now, they have always demanded a more optimal fast charge from the Cupertino company.

On the one hand, wireless charging other than MagSafe seems to be able to increase its power and go up to 15 W, which really does not represent a really big change, but it will allow adding some speed to the charging of the next iPhone, as long as users use wireless chargers. And it is also necessary to talk about this, because the other news that this leaker has released is that Apple could open the range of options when using chargersFor this, what it seems to have in its plans is to stop having to approve wireless chargers, that is, that all chargers that offer 15 W of power can be used with iPhones without the need for the company to review it previously.

Apple MagSafe Imitation

It is undoubtedly a good news that will allow users to have more freedom when loading the new iPhone 15, however, we mention again that the routine of charging the device with fast charging is not at all healthy for the equipment’s battery, so our recommendations have always been and are to use fast charging at times when which is really necessary, but not on a regular basis and as a routine, since surely in most cases you will not have the need to charge your iPhone quickly. However, it is a rumor that Apple will have to confirm when it launches these devices, so it will be necessary to remain attentive to all the relative information that may come out.

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