You will never see an error when opening games from the Epic Store with these tricks

These allow us to purchase our favorite titles and download them immediately to start playing as soon as possible. In addition, thanks to the customers of the game stores that offer us and that we install on the computer, we have access to very useful additional functions. Here we are going to focus on the Epic Games Store, a proposal of this type that does not stop growing and gaining followers. Common point in most of these stores is the personal library that they offer us so that we can fill it with our own content.

In these we find the titles that over time we have been acquiring to be able to manage them in the best way. However, as is customary in many of the programs we run on our computers, the Epic Games client may present us with some problems or bugs. However, we can take some precautionary measures to avoid these errors.

And it is that suddenly we can find ourselves with one of the most feared problems in this type of gaming clients. Specifically, we mean that these cannot be executed or opened in this way. But we can always take some measures, as we mentioned, and thus not have to face these troubles.

Tricks to run Epic Store games without glitches

One of the most effective measures we can take in this regard is to execute the client with administrator permission. We do this by clicking on its executable with the right mouse button. In fact, with this simple measure we are going to avoid a good part of the failures that we can sometimes find in these types of applications.

In the same way, as is usual in most programs with high graphic consumption, you must update to the latest version the your GPU drivers. In this way we avoid certain failures when executing and enjoying our favorite titles. On the other hand, it will never hurt to check the internet connection that we have at that moment. In the event that this is failing we may encounter problems when playing games here.

The most advisable thing in this case is to try to connect with some other application to see if we can move online. In this same sense, we cannot forget that the game store itself sometimes has its own problems. That is to say that the errors when executing games can be given by their remote servers.

To make sure that the fault is theirs and not ours, the best we can do is run other titles in our library or contact the company. For all this, social networks are also usually very helpful if a platform like Epic has suffered a significant drop.

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