You will no longer need other software to control your RGB: Windows 11 will

More and more gamers, and not so gamers, are using RGB lights, be it on the tower, on their monitor, on the keyboard and mouse, desk, or even on their headphones. Until now they had to use third-party software and programs to be able to control them, however, with Windows 11 it will no longer be necessary.

The company has already said that in a very short time we will see an update where W11 allows us to do it natively.

When will it come out and how does it work?

They began their tests at the beginning of this year, but we already have a date. Windows has announced that It will be this month his official departure.

“It’s never been easier to help all your RGB accessories work together seamlessly for Windows applications. This monthwe are making the Dynamic Lighting preview available to Windows Insiders so both developers and hardware partners can experiment with new integrations for RGB components and accessories.”

This version of Microsoft’s OS will give native support to control RGB lights without the need to download unofficial and sometimes not very secure programs to do so. We won’t have to worry about that anymore.

panel rgb lights Windows 11

On the part of the company they have not specified much more, however, some users have already been able to try it in one of their betas (compilation 25295).

As we can see in the image, it would be done through the configuration panelwithout the need for much more, everything easy and simple like any other option in the Windows personalization settings.

In it we would have all the accessories that are connected to our computer and with a single click we can choose the light configuration that we like the most at the lighting level. brightness, speed, colors and other effects, as well as automatically configure the lights with the color of the theme that we are using in Windows.

panel rgb lights Windows 11

Nor does it seem, at first and assuming that it would be the first version, that they let us do more complex things like programming by time, schedules, adapted to a song, etc. Things that other external programs do, but hey, it’s a first step, especially for those who don’t need much more. They will have everything much simpler.

We will also have to see if the peripherals that we have synchronized are all compatible, or if Microsoft will only accept those of a specific brand or type. For now it seems that they do not limit any, or at least we do not know of anyone who has tried it who has complained. Let’s hope not, as then it will again be a very useless and simple function, which will not work for the majority of your audience.

Nor does it seem that it is a function that they are going to release in more versions, so if you want to enjoy it you can now go to W11 if you do not have it yet.

In any case, any change and improvement, no matter how small, is to be appreciated. Now It only remains to wait for Windows to launch it officially during these days and for the whole world and that it is then the public who gives their opinions and advice so that this tool improves in the future. For now we only have to continue with external programs to make our computer a good and striking gamer base.

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