You will not be able to buy the Steam Deck at Christmas, Valve has problems

Valve’s return to the world of hardware will be thanks to its gaming PC that takes the concept of the Nintendo Switch, but with much more powerful hardware based on the latest technologies for PC. Unfortunately the Steam Deck is delayed, which will prevent its first buyers from enjoying it this Christmas. What is happening?

The fact that we can play our favorite games on PC coupled with the fact that a large number of high-quality titles have not been released on the Nintendo Switch is what makes Valve’s Steam Deck attractive. And one of its strengths is that it will allow us to take our PC games anywhere, which is ideal for travel.

A PC with a portable console form and factor is not a novelty, there are things on the market like the Aya Neo or the GPD Win, but where Valve’s hardware stands out is in its powerful AMD APU that combines 4 Zen 2 cores with a 8 Compute Units RDNA 2 GPU, providing the most powerful portable gaming hardware to date.

Steam Deck is delayed

Through a statement Valve has announced that its Steam Deck delayed to February 2022Specifically, you can read his words in the image above these lines and how you can see the causes they give is the shortage of components.

At this point near launch, a redesign of the circuitry would be even more counterproductive in that it would further delay the launch of Valve’s PC in the form of a handheld console. We must also bear in mind that due to placing such powerful hardware for their industrial design this has forced them to create unique pieces, but it is not this part of the hardware that affects production the most.

In all consumer electronics there are very low-cost pieces of hardware, but they are common and at the same time they are key to making everything work. Well, everyone knows that the collateral effects of COVID have affected the production of these elements, reducing the production chain of a large number of products accordingly.

Valve continues to work on adding more games

Although Valve will let the Steam Deck install Windows 11, the reality is that it will come with Steam OS, a game-oriented GNU / Linux distribution created by Valve that will make it work as a console in its user experience.

Unfortunately not all games are adapted natively for Steam OS and through technologies such as Proton that you can play games on the Windows platform without having to install said operating system. After all, a good part of the optimization in consoles with respect to the PC comes from not having to load a heavy operating system.

At the moment it is known that Valve together with AMD are working to add optimized profiles of a large number of games to the Steam Deck and since this is delayed for a couple of months this will give them time for the list of games that we can enjoy. input without making changes to the console from day one increase.

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