You will not find a cheaper 1Gb / s fiber line than at Free currently

[Le Deal du Jour] Free is shaking up the lines by lowering the price of one of its central offers. This is the Freebox Mini 4K offer, which is now offered at 9.99 euros per month for one year, instead of 15.99 euros per month.

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Despite fierce competition, it is often to Free that we turn to take advantage of a high-speed Internet offer at competitive prices. This has never been truer than today with the price drop for the Freebox Mini 4K offer. The latter allows you to benefit from a fiber line with a speed of up to 1Gb / s, all this with the telephone line and the television for 9.99 euros per month the first year, instead of 15.99 usually.

The offer then increases to 34.99 euros monthly and includes a one-year commitment. You even benefit from 100 euros reimbursed on the cancellation fees, if you are already with another operator.

The Freebox Mini 4K offer in detail // Source: Free

To better understand the offer

  • What are the speeds offered for this offer?

Even if it is the cheapest offer in the Free catalog, you will have a speed of up to 1 Gb / s for downloading, and up to 600 Mb / s for sending. Enough to take advantage of all the possibilities offered by fiber, first and foremost the best possible streaming quality on VOD platforms, even in 4K. Such a speed theoretically makes it possible to download large files very quickly, such as games of several tens of GB in just a few minutes. Cloud gaming is also in the spotlight since you will be able to take advantage of platforms such as Stadia, Geforce Now or the Xbox Game Pass cloud without any compromise.

Be careful, however, if you want to enjoy fully wireless internet at home, be aware that the offer includes a Wi-Fi 5 compatible router of questionable quality. It will undoubtedly be necessary to invest in a better router, and why not in a model equipped with Wi-Fi 6 to take full advantage of it.

This is also the great strength of this offer, the contribution of TV at no extra cost. It has no less than 220 channels, the majority of which are in HD. All this thanks to a 4K box running Android TV. The latter also allows you to enjoy hundreds of applications from the Google Play Store, primarily SVOD platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video or Disney +.

  • Do I also have the right to a telephone line?

Sure ! This is a Triple Play offer. In addition to internet and TV, you can therefore benefit from a landline telephone, with unlimited calls – only to landlines in France, DOM and more than 110 countries abroad.

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