You will not see another bargain like it on PC

For some time now, there have been websites that have focused their business on a new way of marketing video games and that has to do with sell us an ever larger number of titles by weight at a practically anecdotal price. So today we bring you one of those bargains that you should take advantage of yes or yes, because among their names there are some really interesting titles. Do you know what they are?

25 games for 25 euros

That is the number of titles and the number of euros that this will cost us. package that the guys from Fanatical have posted on their website and that it is a unique opportunity to fatten our Steam library at once. Indeed, all the names that are part of this Killer Bundle 25 are redeemable through the Valve Store, which includes the store Spanish and are compatible with PC, as well as some with Mac and Linux.

What’s more, of the 25 titles 22 are verified for Steam Deckso you can play them on the go if you have one of these PCs consolidated that Valve released just a year ago now. In this way, you get a package at a price of complete laughter with a discount of 94%. And it is that in normal conditions to get hold of all the titles of this bundle It would have led us to have to drop 442.36 euros.

It is evident that within this package All that glitters is not gold and there are some clearly filler names, along with others that are more recent and others that smell of classics. Do you want to know which ones are part of this Killer Bundle 25? Behold.

Fanatical Bundle.

The full list of games

Although there are tastes of all kinds and colors, so quickly we can highlight several names: From Space it is the most recent and it is extremely good and funny, with double stick action and a very addictive cooperative concept. Doom 64 is another of the classics present, the adaptation of the legend of id Software for Nintendo 64 that had a great impact in the 90s, as well as the first two turok which also succeeded in the latest desktop console with Nintendo cartridges.

If we dive a little deeper, we also find another famous name in the history of video games, such as Baldur’s Gatewhich appear thanks to the first two games with the Enhanced Edition It has only recently arrived on the market. So we have hours and hours of guaranteed entertainment with these two role-playing classics. Further? Well yes, aim Breathedgewhich is a survival development in the space that will also keep you glued to the PC screen for many hours.

Given the above, here is the complete list of this Killer Bundle 25 that you can buy from here:

  • Amid Evil
  • rise
  • change
  • Dark Deity
  • Dead and Taxes
  • desolate
  • dusk
  • golf gang
  • Hypnospace Outlaw
  • Just Die Already
  • I’m a Fish
  • Lair of the Clockwork God
  • Pattern
  • Police Stories
  • River City Girls
  • The Game of Lief 2
  • The Hong Kong Massacre
  • Warhammer 40,000 Mechanicus

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