You will only find these functions in WinZip

Whether it’s to save disk space, to easily send a multitude of files over the Internet, or to combine a lot of content in a single file, compressors are an excellent alternative. Among the programs of this type that we can choose and install on our PC, WinZip It is one of the oldest and most used proposals.

It is more than likely that many of you over the last few years have at some point used the aforementioned compressors. While in the beginning these were limited to reduce the size of saved files, these programs have evolved and improved a lot. All this is achieved thanks to the constant updates and new functions that its developers integrate, as in the case of the aforementioned WinZip compressor.

In fact, this is a case that could be considered somewhat more particular since over the years it has become a complete suite with a multitude of utilities. Possibly most of you this title is familiar to you due to all the years that it has been at our disposal. As with its main competitors, this proposal allows us to save disk space and much more.

Precisely because of all this that we are telling you below, we will talk about some functions that we can take advantage of in WinZip, but that we will not see in other proposals. This allows us to ostensibly improve the user experience with this file compressor and obtain profits non-existent in the competition. We must bear in mind that here we find three versions of WinZip Suite: Standard, Pro and Ultimate. We also have a free version, but for a 21-day trial.

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Unique Features of WinZip Compressor

As you can imagine, the suites that we are talking about here for file compression are paid. The most basic we find for just over 36 euros, going through 60 for the Pro or 120 for the most advanced. Next, we will talk about some features that distinguish WinZip from other compressors more basic.

  • Cloud Compatibility: Cloud storage services continue to grow in both quantity and use. Therefore, WinZip is now fully compatible with the most popular platforms of this type. This way we can store our compressed files directly on remote servers and thus save much more space on the local disk.
  • Prevention of system crashes: in this suite we find various security and optimization functions. Thus, it includes a function that prevents the operating system from crashing when we are compressing large amounts of data here.
  • Extended battery life: These types of compression tasks make a huge consumption of system resources. Therefore, this proposal that we are talking about tries to optimize all of this in order to save battery life if we work with a laptop.
  • Secure file deletion: when we delete files from our hard drives, they are not completely deleted. But WinZip is responsible for providing us with a feature that safely deletes the data we want.
  • startup manager: in order to achieve optimal system startup, this compression suite offers us the possibility of optimizing and managing its startup.
  • Camera and microphone lock: For privacy and security reasons, WinZip has its own blocking functionality for your computer’s camera and microphone by default.

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