You will soon be able to charge your electric car in 9 seconds thanks to this technology

Scientists have developed technology that can fully charge an electric car in just 9 seconds. To do this, the system uses quantum physics to recharge all the battery cells at once, rather than one by one. This technology could revolutionize several energy sectors, particularly nuclear.

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If electric cars have revolutionized the automotive market, they still suffer from a major problem: their battery. Not so much in terms of autonomy, since innovations now make it possible to reach 1000 km for certain vehicles, but more in terms of recharging. Indeed, it takes between 20 and 40 minutes in a charging station, and up to 10 hours at home to recharge the batteries.

Thus, a lot of research is being done on this topic. 10 minutes or even 5 minutes, the scientists manage to achieve impressive results on their respective projects. But none comes close today. Indeed, a new team of researchers has managed the feat of fully recharging an electric car battery in just 9 seconds. Even better, you can do the same from your garage.

We will soon be able to recharge our electric car in just 9 seconds

To obtain this result, the scientists used the laws of quantum physics to recharge each of the battery cells. at the same time. According to them, a 200-cell battery recharges 200 times faster than usual thanks to their process.

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The study states that the technology is still only at the prototype stage and that there are still a long way to go before its deployment to the general public. However, the project is promising to say the least. Indeed, no technology has ever reached this charging record in the past.

“The consequences could be far-reaching and the implications of quantum charging could go well beyond electric cars and consumer electronics”writes the co-author of the study Dr Dario Rosa, citing in particular applications within the nuclear center.

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