You will soon have trouble entering many pages in Chrome

Chrome 100 will bring trouble

Google Chrome It is currently updated to version 96. And if you have a previous one, you should update immediately to avoid security problems. But the problem may come with version 100, which will arrive in a few weeks. This is going to make many websites, if they do not adapt, not work well. And the reason is the browser user agent.

Do you remember the commotion there was with the step from 1999 to 2000 in the world of computing? Many systems were not configured properly and it was basically like going back to year 0. This made it necessary to get down to work and configure all systems correctly.

What does this mean? The user agentoo Agent User is responsible for detecting which browser and version the user uses, the operating system and type of device. It serves to display the web page and adapt it, so that it is seen correctly without any failure. What happens is that many sites, many user agents, detect only the first two digits. That is, for example version 96.0.4664.110, it is only 96.

What is going to happen is that with version 100, user agents that are not adapted will interpret as version 10. That is where the problem lies. And why is this happening? Automatically blocks access for versions prior to Chrome 40 as unsafe.

Google works to fix it

From Google Chrome they are hands to work for prevent this from really becoming a problem. They are making adjustments so that, once they go from version 99 to 100, there is no type of incompatibility that prevents users from correctly opening any website.

There is time ahead, since it is expected that this version 100 of Chrome will not arrive until next march. Therefore, there are weeks to adjust this matter and that everything is correctly configured so that complications do not arise.

Will we have problems accessing web pages with Chrome from version 100? Time will tell. It is possible that, if it is not fully resolved before that time, we may have problems accessing certain websites, even momentarily.

Our advice is always have the browser updated to the latest version and in the case of Google Chrome it is no exception. We must keep it with all the updates to take advantage of the performance improvements, but especially to correct vulnerabilities that may appear and be the entry point for attackers. However, if when the time comes there are problems entering a website, we can always choose other browsers. Of course, you always have to configure the browser with privacy settings.

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