You won’t believe the first call made with the iPhone

On January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs shocked the world when he introduced everyone’s first iPhone. This device, which would end up completely changing many of the elements that surround us, had a first demonstration in which the first functional characteristics were demonstrated. Among these features were phone calls. AND Steve Jobs had an idea during the presentation, which just put the icing on the cake.

The first iPhone call in history was a prank call

Jobs was showing the different applications that the first iPhone included, and it was the turn of Google Maps. Yes, even if it seems incredible, the first maps that the iPhone incorporated natively were from Google, since Apple did not yet have its own navigation system.

Today, everyone is already familiar with Google Maps. However, in 2007, people were amazed to see that you could select the location you wanted, and search for all kinds of businesses and establishments. Steve Jobs did a test, entering the location of “Mascone West”, in San Francisco. And although Apple already does all its keynotes in California, before it held an event called “MacWorld”in the city of San Francisco.

poster apple 2007 iphone

The thing is, when he had selected the location, he decided to look for a Starbucks. On the iPhone screen, all the locations where there was one popped up, and Steve Jobs clicked on one of them, where you could see the exact address and phone number. And indeed, called a starbucksfrom the Google Maps app.

“Good morning Starbucks, how can I help you?” “Yes, I would like to ask 4,000 lattes to go please. Nah, it’s a joke. I have made a mistake! Thank you.” Yes, Steve Jobs ordered 4,000 lattes to go at a Starbucks, live and during the presentation. If already when he showed all the Starbucks on the list on Google Maps, people were already laughing (it was unheard of for the time), when he said the phrase “Let’s make a call” (referring to the Starbucks he had chosen), without No doubt no one expected the first iPhone call to be a prank of this caliber.

Fortunately, Jobs cut quickly and he told the clerk that this was a joke. But at no time, at least in front of the whole world, did he even say that he was Steve Jobs, that he was presenting the first iPhone and that this was the first call made with this phone. All lucky, right? It is, seen in perspective, as if you won a kind of “lottery”. Or like when you receive the typical call from a contest on TV to win money.

At the end of this scene, the presentation ran its course, and the 4,000 lattes ultimately did not arrive. Can you imagine for a moment that Jobs continues with the joke? It would have been a surreal start, for a product that has changed the way we communicate, work, and interact (with just about everything).

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