Young disappeared after fighting with her boyfriend and her mother demands help: “She is as important as Gabby Petito”

Lateche Norris is 20 years old and disappeared almost three weeks ago. The last time your mom, Cheryl walker, he found out about her was when the young woman called him desperate to tell him that had quarreled with Joseph Smith, her boyfriend, who had gone to visit San Diego, California.

The girl flew in from Indiana and although he constantly reported to his family, the November 5 called his mother from an unknown phoneShe sounded frantic and only mentioned that she had a fight with him. Then he told her that he would call her the next day, but that never happened.

Since then, Cheryl looks for her without stopping on social networks and in the streets, pasting your photograph, well you fear your daughter is at risk. He detailed to local media that Joseph had just come out of a rehab center and he lived on the streets of San Diego. In addition, he reported that on previous occasions, young people had had some domestic violence incidents.

Lateche would never have gone days without checking in, her mom told NBC Dateline. “If her phone was dead, I would have found a way to charge it. Something is wrong, now the days fly by without hearing from her and we are terrified,” Cheryl stated.

Lateche Norris always lived in Indiana, but only recently had gone to live in Santa Cruz, California, because she dreamed of being a tattoo artist; Then she went to stay with her family for two months and despite the fact that they asked her not to leave again, the young woman still returned to visit her boyfriend in San Diego.

Her family demands that they find her

Cheryl, her husband Amir Walker and the young woman’s grandfather, Walter Omega Callum, have already flown from Indiana to San Diego looking for Lateche, have begun to distribute her photographs and are in contact with the local police; Nevertheless, agents do not consider you to be in dangerAlthough they are still working to gather information to help track down his whereabouts.

“How many times do we have to see a young woman disappear after fighting with her husband, boyfriend or partner, and how often does it have to end in nothing positive, before we start taking this a little more seriously?” The young woman’s mother, who insists her daughter is at risk, as Joseph has a history of violence and vandalism.

According to the first reports, The last time they saw her was on November 4 at a 7-Eleven storebut authorities did not confirm whether Joseph was with her. Then a day later was when he called his mom for the last time.

Lateche’s mother demanded that she be given the same importance to your daughter’s case like the one that was given to the youtuber Gabby Petito, who disappeared between July and August after going on a trip in a van with her boyfriend. Gabby was found dead from suffocation in September and a month later, her fiancĂ© was found dead Brian laundrie, who committed suicide.

The case went around the world, Petito’s photo went viral on the networks, which attracted the attention of the authorities and the media; Faced with this, the relatives of other disappeared persons demanded that their loved ones also be searched with the same priority as Gabby.


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