Young man burned his 94-year-old grandmother so that “she would not suffer anymore from her dementia”

A 21 year old student confessed that burned his grandmother over 94 years old old to avoid “He would not suffer anymore from his dementia” three years after the investigations had ruled that the woman’s death had been caused by an accident in the United Kingdom.

Tiernan Darnton revealed his secret that he had kept safe for years when he played with his friends “truth or dare” where they asked him if he had killed anyone. To everyone’s surprise, the young man confessed that he had done it and it was against his grandmother in May 2018 who died during a fire in her kitchen.

On that occasion, the investigations determined that 94-year-old Mary Gregory had been the victim of a fire that started in her kitchen curtains. Upon arriving at the scene, the rescue bodies found the victim under a table. Despite being rushed to the hospital and Spending four days in care, the woman lost her life.

According to Tiernan, she started the fire because she no longer wanted her grandmother to suffer any more from the dementia she was living with, she testified during her hearing at Preston Crown Court in Lancashire.

“I’m a monster and I’m going to hell”: Tiernan

According to police reports, after the fire, Internet searches were found on the defendant’s cell phone and computer where there were phrases such as “I am a murderer”, “I am a monster and I am going to hell”, “I want to cause evil” and “It is urgent to kill again”, when on that occasion Tiernan was 17 years old.

The evidence against the young man also included house structure drawings of the octogenarian woman where her grandson had marked “escape routes” and references to have a good alibi.

In the first investigation that had classified the incident as an accident, the firefighters attributed that the cause of the flames had caused by a cigar that was accidentally dropped and it was ruled out that a third person had participated.

But finally, Tiernan confessed that used a lighter to set a curtain on fire. During the confession of the young man now in court, his family was devastated to learn what Tiernan did. The young man was found guilty and his sentence will be known this Friday.

With information from Daily Mail.


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