Young mother died of Covid-19: the entire pandemic was closed, but she was infected the only day she left home

A 26 year old and mom of a little three, died due to complications derived from Covid-19 despite the fact that throughout the pandemic he took care of himself and almost did not come out, except for essentials. Her family believes that she was infected the one day she decided to go out to dinner with her boyfriend.

Shreece ford died in a hospital Brimingham, England, on October 8, after spending several days hospitalized and on life support; the young woman she was diabetic so her immune system was weakened; precisely her illness was what led the woman to not go out during the pandemic and take care of herself, however, despite the forecast, she fell ill and died.

Her family considers Shreece contracted the deadly virus last August, when he finally dared to leave the house and went to a meal with her boyfriend, “This is where we think he got Covid-19, started to feel really bad and lit was hard to breathe“, he recounted his cousin Ellesse to the local BirminghamLive media.

Little Realle’s mother, aged three, was admitted and stayed several weeks in the hospital; Her relatives detailed that the young woman had to receive dialysis for the kidneys, was connected to oxygen, they gave her support to level her blood pressure and due to the disease, blood clots formed near the heart.

It got worse every time I woke up

They also said that the doctors they had to permanently sedate her, since when they tried to wake her it got worse, so they preferred to put her back to sleep. On October 8, the hospital staff called her family and told them that the young woman was already very ill, so they recommended that they go say goodbye to her.

Although they all went to the hospital to say goodbye to Shreece, only five of them were able to speak to the 26-year-old one last time. Before dying from Covid-19, he was able to speak with his daughter Realle; Furthermore, her brother and mother were with her until she exhaled her last breath.

Ellesse recounted that the girl was the most important thing to her cousin and that he devoted himself body to soul to the little girl, who is now going through a difficult time, since he keeps asking for his mom every day, despite the fact that almost three weeks have passed since his death.

They also launched a fundraising page on Go Fund Me to pay for the funeral expenses, but also to be able to make a birthday cake for the girl, because turns 4 on November 6.

With information from Go Fund Me and The Mirror


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